Surfboard Solutions

TComposites offers epoxy systems, clear systems, and specially pigmented epoxy systems for the surf industry.
We also have green solutions with our balsa line and green epoxy GreenPoxy 56, which has 56% of its molecular structure coming from plant origin. The Green Carbon content of our system is certified by an independent laboratory using Carbon 14 measurements.This is a significant technological advance on the following points: clarity, color, performance and guarantees of industrial volume availability.

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Surfboard Epoxy Systems

Surf Clear

  • New generation, clear resin system with high thermo-mechanical performances.
  • Superior UV stability
  • High gloss appearance for transparent laminates
  • Self leveling
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Suitable for all fabrics including Carbon, Glass and Aramid.
  • Compatible with all commercial foams.

Glass One

  • A specially formulated, high gloss and clear resin system for the manufacturing of Windsurfing and Surfboards.
  • Provides the highest UV resistance count of all the Sicomin clear resins.
  • Suitable for hand layup of glass, carbon, aramid and polyester fibers.
  • Compatible with all commercial foams: polystyrenes, polyurethanes, cross- linked and linear PVC foams.
  • Low viscosity
  • Self leveling
  • Sandable
  • Scratch resistant 

Green Epoxy

Greenpoxy 56
  • New generation, environmentally enhanced, clear and waterproof system with over 50% of products molecular structure derived from plant and vegetable matter.
  • Achieves tough and hard wearing gloss laminates.
  • Suitable for laminating, injection moulding, filament winding, press processes and casting.

UV Resitant Clear Coat

Top Clear 1056 and 1154

  • Ultra fast and translucent epoxy system for clear carbon and other ‘varnished’ components
  • High UV resistance
  • Brush or spray versions available
  • Suitable for all materials including Carbon, Glass, Aramids, Wood and all commercial Foams. 

Balsa Lumber

We can offer lumber up to 12' (3.7m) in length and up to 4" (100mm) in thickness. We can also make any custom dimensions by gluing lumbers together. Special cambered lumber can also be make on special request.